Josef Albers, Mantic (1940)
Josef Albers, Mantic (1940)

A Beautiful Confluence

Museo delle Culture – MUDEC

October 28, 2015


February 21, 2016

The exhibition A Beautiful Confluence: Anni and Josef Albers and the Latin American World has been developed by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation especially for the MUDEC in Milan. It presents the work of two great artists of the 20th century, together with the pre-Columbian objects they collected while living in America.

Josef Albers (1888-1976) was a versatile artist, teacher and writer, whose ideas about colour and shape are a source of inspiration for artists and designers, still today. One of his famous works is the Homage to the Square, a series of paintings, prints and serigraphs in which Albers sets out to explore the relationship between colours and the seemingly simple shape of the square.

Anni Albers (1899-1994) is the best known textile artist of the 20th century. She attended the renowned Bauhaus School, where she met her husband Josef. The rise of the Third Reich forced the couple to flee Germany, and they chose for America as their new home.

Anni and Josef Albers had already been interested in the Maya and Inca cultures, and the move to America made it possible to visit Central and South America and explore the ideas and expressions of the local ancient art, to which they felt attracted. They started to collect pre-Columbian objects, some of which are on display at the exhibition.

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