The Column, Adrian Paci (2013)
The Column, Adrian Paci (2013) video 25’40’’

Adrian Paci. Vite In Transito

Padiglione D’Arte Contemporanea (PAC)


October 5, 2013


January 6, 2014

The work of Adrian Paci (born in 1969 in Albania) underlines one of the paradoxes of human intelligence, which consists of becoming aware of reality through unreality. Often inspired by subjects close to him, stories arising from his everyday life, Adrian Paci lets them slide poetically towards fiction, which in turn creates one or more wider realities.

The exhibition Vite In Transito (Lives In Transit) at the Padiglione D’Arte Contemporanea gathers highly diverse works (videos, installations, paintings, photographs and sculptures) made since 1997 and shows the numerous interconnections that operate between these different media and means of expression.

Paci’s work is characterised by its capacity to create tension between the conflictual and the marvellous. With a certain romanticism, he is aware of the stakes at play between contemporary artistic creation and possible forms of resistance.

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