Paola Pivi, Senza Titolo (Asino) (2003)
Paola Pivi, Senza Titolo (Asino) (2003)

Ennesima. An Exhibition of Seven Exhibitions on Italian Art

Triennale di Milano

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November 26, 2015


March 6, 2016

The exhibition Ennesima. An Exhibition of Seven Exhibitions on Italian Art at the Triennale di Milano is an “exhibition of exhibitions” exploring the last 50 years of Italian contemporary art. Seven independent exhibitions display over 120 works by over 70 artists, from the early 1960s through to the present day, in a setting that covers the complete first floor of the Triennale.

The exhibitions can be perceived as autonomous and self-sufficient, but also as part of a wider vision that includes them all, exploring different exhibition formats: the solo exhibition, the site-specific installation, the thematic group show, the chronological group show, the group exhibition on a specific movement, the medium-based group exhibition and the archive exhibition.

Ennesima is not just a single project that attempts at all costs to find thematic or stylistic, chronological or generational connections, but rather a platform that tries to suggest the coexistence of possible formats, creating a cross-section of the past 50 years of art in Italy.

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