Food, Museo di Storia Naturale Milan
Food, Museo di Storia Naturale Milan (photo: Fabrizio Stipari/24OreCultura)


Museo Civico di Storia Naturale


November 28, 2014


June 28, 2015

The exhibition Food – La Scienza dai Semi al Piatto (The Science from the Seeds to the Dish) at the Museum of Natural History in Milan explores the complex topic of food following a scientific approach: everyday food products that end up on our plate are “dissected” and their main components are analysed in detail.

Staples such as rice, coffee, cocoa and pasta are explored, and the exhibition shows the complex history of these products and the difficulties to include them into our cuisine.

Visitors embark on a multi-sensory discovery of food through an explosion of flavours, fragrances, images, dishes and cuisines; an itinerary filled with images, educational videos and interactive games: from the very beginning – the seed – to our favourite dishes.

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