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Casa Manzoni in Milan

Casa Manzoni

Casa Manzoni is an 18th-century palace at the historical centre of Milan and the home of the famous Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni between 1813 and his death in 1873. Manzoni is famous for his historical novel I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed), considered as … [read more]

Museo Martinitt e Stelline Milan

Museo Martinitt e Stelline


The Martinitt and Stelline Museum tells the moving story of Milan’s orphans and how they were looked after by the city throughout the past centuries. The use of multimedia allows the vistor to interact and brings the fascinating story to life. The name of the museum … [read more]

Palazzo Morando Milano

Palazzo Morando

The Palazzo Morando is located in the heart of Milan’s stylish fashion district, in Via Sant’Andrea, just a stone’s throw from the famous Via Montenapoleone. An elegant 18th century palazzo beautifully decorated and furnished from that period. The palazzo is packed with a rich collection … [read more]