Anselm Kiefer - The Seven Heavenly Palaces (2004) - HangarBicocca
Anselm Kiefer - The Seven Heavenly Palaces (2004) | Photo by Agostino Osio. Courtesy Fondazione HangarBicocca


HangarBicocca is a space for contemporary art, located in an area of Milan which used to be dominated by the Pirelli factories. With the completion of the Bicocca Project in 2005 this area has become increasingly urbanised with shops, houses as well as space for artistic initiatives.

The prominent feature of HangarBicocca is the permanent installation The Seven Heavenly Palaces by the German artist Anselm Kiefer, made specifically for the site. It consists of seven towers made of reinforced concrete, each weighing 90 tonnes and varying in height between 14 and 18 metres. In addition to the permanent installations, the space also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.

Since 2012 the HB Kids program has been providing children aged 4 to 14 years the opportunity to get in contact with contemporary art in their own way. The activities are free of charge and offered during the day at weekends.

Please note that due to special events, HangarBicocca is closed to the public every now and then. Before planning a trip to see HangarBicocca please verify the official website.

Practical Information

Via Chiese 2, Milan, Italy
+39 02 6611 1573
Opening Times
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11:00 - 23:00
Thursday 11:00 - 23:00
Friday 11:00 - 23:00
Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
Sunday 11:00 - 23:00
How To Get There

Metro : Lilla line (5) station: Bignami

Tram : 31 (stop: Viale Fulvio Testi - Via Ponale)

Bus : 87 (stop: ia Chiese - Via Pirelli)

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Past Exhibitions

Architecture as Art, Atelier Bow Wow

Architecture as Art

The Shed building of Pirelli HangarBicocca hosts the exhibition Architecture as Art. On display are 15 works that have been created for the occasion and arranged in the form of an atlas, to illustrate the themes and subjects involved in the new responsibilities of architecture … [read more]

Carsten Höller, Zöllner Stripes (2001)

Carsten Höller: Doubt

The exhibition Doubt at HangarBicocca in Milan displays more than twenty large-scale works by German artist Carsten Höller. Höller’s works search for new ways of inhabiting our world by directly engaging the viewer. They trigger different states of mind, like joy, confusion and doubt, opening … [read more]

Petrit Halilaj, 26 Objekte n’ Kumpir (2009)

Petrit Halilaj

The exhibition Space Shuttle in the Garden at HangarBicocca in Milan presents works by Petrit Halilaj made over the past seven years, as well as works made specifically for the occasion. Through sculptures, drawings, performances, videos and large installations, Petrit Halilaj investigates the changes of … [read more]

Philippe Parreno, Danny The Street (2015)

Hypothesis by Philippe Parreno

Hypothesis at HangarBicocca in Milan is the first exhibition in Italy of French artist Philippe Parreno. It includes a series of key pieces together with recent works and music. Parreno works with a diversity of media such as film, video, sound, writing and drawing, and … [read more]

Damián Ortega, Cosmic Thing (2002)

Damián Ortega – Casino

Casino at HangarBicocca in Milan is Damián Ortega’s first solo exhibition in Italy. It provides a broad overview of Ortega’s work and includes sculptures, installations and film. The centre piece of the exhibition is The Beetle Trilogy, a work that focuses on the Volkswagen Beetle … [read more]

Céline Condorelli, Nerofumo (2014)

Céline Condorelli – bau bau

HangarBicocca in Milan presents bau bau, Céline Condorelli’s solo exhibition, comprising about twenty works made between 2008 and 2014, as well as a selection of the artist’s writings. The exhibition offers a selection of Condorelli’s most significant works, which reveal her ability to work with … [read more]

Juan Muñoz, Many Times (1999)

Juan Muñoz – Double Bind & Around

Double Bind & Around at HangarBicocca in Milan is the first solo exhibition in Italy devoted to Juan Muñoz, one of the most important artists to emerge in Spain after the Franco dictatorship. Muñoz (1953­-2001), who saw himself as a storyteller, was a visionary who … [read more]

Mirror Performance III, Joan Jonas (1969)

Joan Jonas – Light Time Tales

The exhibition Light Time Tales at HangarBicocca in Milan is the first major solo exhibition by Joan Jonas in Italy. It presents her most important video installations and is accompanied by a performance artist. Joan Jonas (1936) is amongst the most respected and recognised contemporary … [read more]

João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, Papagaio (2014)

João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva – Papagaio

The exhibition Papagaio at HangarBicocca in Milan is dedicated to João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, who have developed a unique way to integrate cinema with installations. A large number of works are on display, created between 2004 and 2014, some of which have been … [read more]

Descala, Cildo Meireles (2003)

Cildo Meireles – Installations

HangarBicocca in Milan presents 12 installations by the Brazilian conceptual artist, installation artist and sculptor Cildo Meireles (1948) in what is the first exhibition in Italy devoted to one of the most important and best-known post-war artists. In the 1960s Meireles was one of the … [read more]

Dieter Roth / Björn Roth, Landscape with Tower (1976-1994)

Islands – Dieter Roth Björn Roth

The exhibition Islands – Dieter Roth Björn Roth at HangarBicocca provides an anthology of the  work of the internationally renowned German-Swiss artist Dieter Roth (Hannover, 1930 – Basel, 1998), in collaboration with his son Björn. Although Roth was initially best known for his books, prints, … [read more]

The Visitors, Ragnar Kjartansson (2012)

Ragnar Kjartansson – The Visitors

The installation The Visitors by Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson consists of nine simultaneous video projections on a scale of 1:1. Each video shows a different musician – including Kristín Anna and Gyða Valtýsdóttir, founding sisters of the historic Icelandic band Múm, and Kjartan Sveinsson, keyboard … [read more]

Mike Kelley - Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (Domestic-Scene) (2000)

Mike Kelley – Eternity is a Long Time

Mike Kelley (1954 – 2012) was an American contemporary artist known for his installations and performances. In his New York Times obituary Holland Cotter described Kelley as “one of the most influential American artists of the past quarter century and a pungent commentator on American class, … [read more]