Variant, Josef Albers (1947-1952)
Variant, Josef Albers (1947-1952)

Josef Albers – Sublime Optics

Fondazione Stelline


September 26, 2013


January 6, 2014

The exhibition Josef Albers – Sublime Optics at Fondazione Stelline displays 78 works by the German-American Bauhaus artist Josef Albers (1888–1976). It includes rare early drawings, stained glass assemblages, sandblasted glass constructions, and abstract paintings – from his very first drawing to his very last Homage to the Square.

The theme of the exhibition is to explore the spiritual elements in Albers’ work. He often incorporated traditional imagery, and even when he did not, regarded the transformation of colour and line as mystical events.

The exhibition is not organised chronologically, but arranged according to the three primary tools in Albers’ practice: line, form, and colour. This enables the visitor to compare works from different series, and to see pieces from the same series within different contexts.

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