Helenio Herrera (Mago) and Nereo Rocco (Paròn)
Helenio Herrera (Mago) and Nereo Rocco (Paròn)

Milan Inter ’63

Palazzo Reale
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May 24, 2013


September 8, 2013

The exhibition Milan Inter ’63 – La Leggenda del Mago e del Paròn (The Legend of the Magician and the Master) takes the visitor back to the season of 1963 when the legend of Milanese football was born. The protagonists in this period of football history are Helenio Herrera and Nereo Rocco.

Helenio Herrera, nicknamed il Mago (the Magician), was the Argentinian coach of Internazionale, who spoke four languages and was famous for his notebooks filled with diagrams and notes. Nereo Rocco, nicknamed El Paròn (the Master), was the coach of AC Milan, born in Trieste and known for his love of dining and drinking.

The exhibition describes the rivalry, careers, friendship, families and friends of Herrera and Rocco, two men who each represented an opposite approach to football and to life.

On display are the first European Cup trophy won by Milan in 1963, the first Intercontinental Cup won by Inter in 1969, original photos and videos, and a reconstruction of the dressing rooms of Herrera and Rocco.

Two separate entrances for both the supporters of Milan and Inter have been created, complete with an electronic display to count the visitors. By passing the barcode printed on the back of the ticket under the reader the visitor will see the score change in the screen above the entrance.

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