Museo delle Culture – MUDEC, Milan
Museo delle Culture – MUDEC, Milan

Museo delle Culture – MUDEC


Good To Know

Museo delle Culture (Museum of Cultures), or MUDEC, is the latest addition to the museum landscape of Milan. It is a centre dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the cultures of the world, and focuses on the relationship of these cultures with the city of Milan.

The museum’s permanent collection gathers the collections from different Milanese government agencies, which are the result of donations made from the second half of the 19th century to the present day by missionaries, explorers, scholars and collectors, but also from less honourable sources like spoils of war and colonialism.

The geographical origin of the works includes the Middle and Far East, South and Central America, West and Central Africa, and some items of Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The museum is designed by the British architect Sir David Chipperfield. His firm David Chipperfield Architects is responsible for the design of many other cutting-edge museums like the Neues Museum in Berlin, the Saint Louis Art Museum in Missouri and the Liangzhu Culture Museum in Hangzhou, China.

Practical Information

Via Tortona 56, Milan, Italy
+39 02 54917
Opening Times
Monday 14:30 - 19:30
Tuesday 09:30 - 19:30
Wednesday 09:30 - 19:30
Thursday 09:30 - 22:30
Friday 09:30 - 19:30
Saturday 09:30 - 22:30
Sunday 09:30 - 19:30
How To Get There

Metro : Green line (M2) station: Porta Genova

Tram : 14 (stop: Via Solari Via Stendhal)

Bus : 68 (stop: Via Bergognone) 90, 91 (stop: Piazzale delle Milizie Viale Troya)

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  • Parking garage

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Past Exhibitions

Giganotosaurus carolinii

Dinosaurs, Giants from Argentina

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Wassily Kandinsky, St. George And The Dragon (1915)

Kandinsky, Knight Errant

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Homo sapiens - MUDEC

Homo sapiens. The new stories of human evolution

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Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled - Bracco di Ferro (1983)

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Joan Miró, Dois Personagens Caçados por um Pássaro (1976)

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Josef Albers, Mantic (1940)

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Paul Gauguin, Reclining Tahitian Women (1894)

Gauguin – Racconti del Paradiso

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Barbie – The Icon at MUDEC Milan

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Reconstruction of a Cairo street for the Milan International world fair of 1906

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Statue for magic-religious use – MUDEC Milan


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