Pablo Picasso, Self-portrait (1967)
Pablo Picasso, Self-portrait (1967)

Picasso and his Passions (Pavia)

Palazzo Vistarino (Pavia)

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December 19, 2015


March 20, 2016

The exhibition Picasso e le sue Passioni (Picasso and his Passions) at Palazzo Vistarino in Pavia shows more than 200 works by Pablo Picasso, including drawings, paintings and ceramcis, coming from private collections around the world.

The works on display illustrate the themes and passions that drove Picasso’s creativity and that have shaped him both as an artist and a human being, amongst which women, politics, theater, bullfighting, and the circus.

Highlight of the exhibition are the paintings Tête de femme from 1943 (oil on paper) and Self-portait from 1967 (gouache and indian ink).

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