Regina José Galindo, Caparazon (2010)
Regina José Galindo, Caparazon (2010) Photo by Amedeo Benestante, courtesy of the artist and PrometeoGallery

Regina José Galindo – Estoy Viva

Padiglione D’Arte Contemporanea (PAC)

March 25, 2014


June 8, 2014

The PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan hosts the exhibition Estoy Viva, the first retrospective in Italy on the Guatemalan performance artist Regina José Galindo.

Galindo explores her own body, transforming it into an instrument of symbolic re-enactment of events undergone by the collective body, the so-called “social body”. She investigates emotions like fear and anxiety by exposing herself to physical and psychological risk, stretching the limits of the imaginable. Her performances are radical and dramatic, and create situations which are unsettling and ethically uncomfortable.

Galindo’s work focuses on issues related to violence, deprivation of rights and individual freedom, all of which are topics of concern to Amnesty International. Visitors of the PAC can support the work of Amnesty International by purchasing a ticket with an additional 1,00 euro donation.

To bring the complex and detailed work of the artist closer to the public, the PAC has organised free guided tours. Every Thursday at 19.00 and every Sunday at 17.30, available upon purchase of the ticket to the exhibition.

Practical Information
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