La Danaïde, Auguste Rodin (1889)
La Danaïde, Auguste Rodin (1889) | © Musée Rodin - Photo: Christian Baraja

Rodin. Il Marmo, la Vita

Palazzo Reale


October 17, 2013


January 26, 2014

The exhibition Rodin. Il Marmo, la Vita (original English title Rodin, Flesh and Marble) brings to the Palazzo Reale in Milan an extraordinary selection of works by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). Over 60 marble statues and preparatory studies are presented, many of them from private collections, including masterpieces such as The Kiss and The Danaïd.

The exhibition is organised in association with Musée Rodin in Paris, and it is for the first time that such a comprehensive collection of marble statues can be seen outside the Musée Rodin.

An introduction section explains how Rodin worked the marble and created a kind of eroticism by setting skin in stone. He had a special relationship with marble, and his contemporaries saw him as a “ruler of stone” before whom “marble trembled”.

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