ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts
ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts – XXI Triennale in Milan

ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts

Triennale di Milano

April 2, 2016


September 12, 2016

The exhibition ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts at the Triennale di Milano explores the boundaries and possibilities of interior architecture, the discipline that defines the spaces and environments in which we live.

Visitors can walk through a series of rooms, each designed by a different architect, illustrating their concepts and philosophy on interior architecture. The architects are Umberto Riva, Alessandro Mendini, Lazzarini e Pickering, Manolo De Giorgi, Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli, Andrea Anastasio, Fabio Novembre, Duilio Forte, Elisabetta Terragni, Carlo Ratti and Francesco Librizzi.

ROOMS. Novel Living Concepts is part of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition, an event on art, design and architecture spread out over different locations in Milan. The 2016 edition has the title 21st Century. Design After Design and is the first to be organised in 20 years. With a single ticket you get access to all exhibitions.

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