Antarctic Peninsula, Sebastião Salgado (2005)
Antarctic Peninsula, Sebastião Salgado (2005)

Sebastião Salgado – Genesi

Palazzo della Ragione Fotografia


June 27, 2014


November 2, 2014

The first exhibition to be held in the new exhibition space Palazzo della Ragione Fotografia in Milan is Genesi, with 245 stunning photographs by Sebastião Salgado, the Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist. His black and white images show the rare beauty of the most unique and precious heritage that we have: our planet.

Genesis is divided into five sections, each covering an area where Salgado has travelled to take photographs: Planet South, The Shrines of Nature, Africa, The Great North, the Amazon and the Pantanal.

The exhibition presents a series of photographs, including many of landscapes, made to capture a world in which nature and living beings still live in balance with the environment. Animals play an important role in this objective. Salgado has been living among iguanas, sea lions and the giant tortoises in the Galapagos and has travelled between zebras and wild animals when crossing Kenya and Tanzania.

Special attention is given to indigenous peoples who have retained their original way of life: the Yanomami and Cayapó of the Brazilian Amazon, Pygmies of the equatorial forests of northern Congo, Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, the Himba tribe of the Namibian desert and those of the remote forests of New Guinea. Salgado has spent several months with each of these tribes to collect a series of photographs that show them in harmony with the elements of their habitat.

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