Sempering – XXI Triennale in Milan
Sempering – XXI Triennale in Milan

Sempering. Process and pattern in architecture and design

Museo delle Culture – MUDEC

April 2, 2016


September 12, 2016

The exhibition Sempering. Process and pattern in architecture and design at MUDEC in Milan focuses on the transformation of materials and components into elements that play a role in our culture and our daily lives.

The word sempering is used in architecture and design and refers to a constructive action on a material or component which leaves a meaningful trace on the final product. It is derived from the surname of German architect Gottfried Semper (1803-1879), the author of The Four Elements of Architecture, a book explaining the origins of architecture from an anthropological perspective.

Examples of such actions are stacking heavy materials, connecting light structures, moulding soft materials, engraving fine casings, folding tin sheets, weaving threads, arranging tiles and blowing air.

Sempering is part of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition, an event on art, design and architecture spread out over different locations in Milan. The 2016 edition has the title 21st Century. Design After Design and is the first to be organised in 20 years. With a single ticket you get access to all exhibitions.

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