VI Triennale Design Museum - Paolo Ulian - The Moment Of Ideas
Paolo Ulian - The Moment Of Ideas (photo by Paolo Rosselli)

Design. La Sindrome dell’Influenza

Triennale di Milano


April 6, 2013


February 23, 2014

The Triennale Design Museum is a section within the Triennale di Milano which is dedicated solely to Italian design. Every year the exhibition is renewed and focuses on a different aspect or period. Previous editions have for example covered graphic design, the origins of Italian design and the mass production of designer products.

The sixth edition of the Triennale Design Museum is called Design. La Sindrome dell’Influenza (The Influence Syndrome) and is organised into three parts, each focusing on one of the three typical qualities of Italian design : the ability to assimilate, curiosity and the desire to compete with other cultures in order to start new projects and new processes.

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